My work on children’s voices incorporates modern childhood, including a historical perspective through my focus on medieval literature. I also consider the impact of stress on how we communicate, informed by the work of The Mehrit Centre. The questions addressed in the Children’s Voices in Contemporary Australia symposium remain at the heart of my interest in contemporary childhood:

Convened with Penelope Lee, 2016

For a description of the day including the keynote talk by Jonathan Delafield-Butt and the moving presentations made by seven young Australians, read Reflecting on Children’s Voices: Creating space to listen

Hearing and Understanding Children’s Voices in Contemporary Australia This is the inaugural piece for a new blog, “We are listening!”, about what it means for children and young people to have a voice, and how to support this capacity.  

Why being trauma informed matters beyond trauma, for The Australian Childhood Foundation, Prosody Blog for Professionals. How the paradigm of self that assists trauma recovery is offers insights into how children use language, and how adults use language with children.  

Blog pieces for CHE

Youth Voices in Contemporary Australia

An interview with two representatives of the Victorian Student Representative Council for National Youth Week 2016.

Big Emotions in the Classroom

This blog about children, emotions and the school environment discusses the Japanese documentary Children Full of Life. I wrote this blog after watching the documentary as part of the Foundations course at the Mehrit Centre.